Easy Way of Recovering Contacts from Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 is the updated version of Microsoft Outlook which is being designed with various advanced features. Contacts in Outlook place a very important role as it keeps the record of people from your address book. It is highly featured by storing email addresses, phone numbers, fax number, etc. All these valuable Outlook contacts are archived in a personal information folder known as PST (Personal Storage Table). People think that the contacts saved in this PST file remains safe and secure. All like other files, even PST files are vulnerable for data loss where in it may get damaged or corrupted by some means and make the stored data unreadable. Losing contacts from Outlook 2010 PST file might create panic for you.

But you need to get panic because you can restore contacts from Outlook 2010 by making use of Outlook PST recovery software. This tool not only helps you to retrieve contacts from Outlook 2010, but it can even recover contacts from Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 with ease and utmost accuracy. This utility can even restore lost emails from damaged PST file including other Outlook items irrespective of its reason. Check out the post right here, for additional information on lost email recovery from PST file after damage.

You might have come across such situations, where in while trying to delete some unneeded email contacts from Outlook 2010 mistakenly you might have deleted important contacts. In this case, you can get back deleted contacts from the deleted items folder. But, if you emptied deleted items folder to free up memory space, then the only way that can help you to recover contacts from Outlook 2010 after deletion is Outlook PST recovery software.

The above discussed scenario is the most common human mistake that people face while working with Outlook application. There could be various other reasons for deletion of Contacts from Outlook 2010 like deletion on contacts by pirated version of third party anti-virus scanning tool installed on your computer, in hurry emptying Outlook “Deleted Items folder” without verifying for the deleted Outlook items, improper termination of Outlook without using its proper exit option, header corruption of PST file due to improper shut down of computer, etc.

If the header of PST file gets corrupted, then it makes the entire Outlook inaccessible and sometimes it also results in deletion of contacts and other Outlook attributes. However, if you want to restore contacts from Outlook 2010 after header corruption then go ahead with Outlook PST recovery software. To know how exactly this tool repairs the corrupted Outlook 2010 PST file and helps in retrieving of Outlook data.

Some important points are to be remembered in order to avoid loss of data from Outlook like always create backup of all vital emails, contacts and other items and save them on reliable storage media so that at the time you face any data loss scenario, it is very easy to retrieve contacts from Outlook 2010 easily and quickly. And, it is also advised to close Outlook application by using its proper option to avoid PST file corruption. Always update the install antivirus scanning tool to protect the data from virus intrusion.

By using this utility, you can also recover Outlook calendar items, appointments, journal entries, notes, tasks, etc. Refer this website http://www.outlookpstrecoverysoftware.com/recover-calendar-entries.html to gain complete knowledge about Outlook calendar recovery. The software can recover contacts from Outlook 2010 on Windows XP, Vista, server 2003 and 2008, Windows 2007 and Windows 2008. The tool has the power to repair badly damaged PST files and restore all the stored information within few simple mouse clicks. The software helps you to recover different items on it like Address Book, Appointments, RSS feeds, etc. using the software. Discover more on recovering Address Book in Outlook using the software.

Steps to Restore Contacts from Outlook 2010

Step 1: Download the demo version of the software and launch it. A welcome window will pop up as shown in fig A.

Recover Contacts From Outlook 2010 - Welcome Window

Fig A: Welcome Window

Step 2: Select "Open PST File", if you know the exact location of the PST file, or choose "Find PST File", if you want the software to search for the PST file, or select "Select Outlook Profile", if you are having more than one PST file on your computer. Browse to select the corrupted PST file as shown in Fig B

<Recover Contacts From Outlook 2010 - Select PST

Fig B: Select PST

Step 3: Once you had selected the PST file, Select suitable scan and click "Repair" to start reparing the corrupted PST file as shown in fig C.

Recover Contacts From Outlook 2010 - Select PST File
Fig C: Select PST File

Step 4: Preview the recovered contacts in Outlook style interface as shown in fig D.

Recover Contacts From Outlook 2010 - Recovered Contacts

Fig D: Recovered Contacts