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How to Fix Outlook 2003 PST?

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 is the personal information manager and communication program that gives you a unified place to manage e-mail, calendars, contacts, journals and other personal information. It is a version that came into the market prior to the release of Outlook 2007. Outlook 2003 brought revolution in the world of email client since it bought whole set of new and interactive features that were absent in Outlook 2000. This new version of Outlook supports PST files of size up to 20GB compared to the 2GB file size limit that existed in the previous versions of Outlook. Even though the fear of corruption of personal storage files due to oversize is eliminated in Outlook 2003, there are other scenarios in which PST file corruption could occur. The PST file may get corrupted due to various reasons like improper shutdown of Outlook application, sharing of a common PST file over a network at the workplace, corruption of PST file header etc. In order to repair Outlook 2003 PST file, use reliable Outlook PST recovery tool. These tools help to fix corrupted PST files and restore back the Outlook data from it.

The main difference in Outlook 2003 is with respect to the user interface and the PST file size. Since Outlook 2003 supports PST file size up to 20GB hence the corruption of PST files due to oversize has been eliminated to some extent. In Outlook 2003 version folders are organized in an orderly and easy to use manner. In this version of Outlook you have an option of creating an additional personalized folder for storage and management of emails. The efficient junk mail filter and faster POP mail download are additional features of Outlook 2003. Though this Outlook version is more efficient and easy to use compared to the older versions, corruption of PST files cannot be ruled out completely. You can try Outlook PST file recovery tool which can repair the corupted PST files and can recover appointments from corrupt PST files only in few easy steps. Sneek a peek over here to know more details.

Common scenarios for PST file corruption in Outlook 2003 are as follows:

  • Sharing of PST files over network: Sharing of PST files over a network can also lead to PST file corruption due to accidental deletion or modification of PST files.
  • Abnormal termination of Outlook: Since Outlook uses complex database file to store all the information, it needs to exit properly upon saving all the data. Sometimes while accessing Outlook your system may suddenly shut down due to power failure or application crash. This will close the Outlook forcefully without saving any data which may leads to enter some incorrect or incomplete information into PST file. This garbage data may result in PST file corruption. And also, it might corrupt your Outlook OST file. Hence you need reliable repair software to repair Outlook OST file and retrieve data from it. Read here, to extract complete information.
  • Due to compact operation: Most of the people prefer to compact their data files to reduce the size. Whenever you try to compress your PST file for portability, this may also lead to corrupt the PST file.    
  • Impact of third party applications: There are some improperly protected email servers which easily let the viruses or malware to penetrate through them. While accessing your emails, if you come across such servers, there are chances of your PST file getting infected by the virus. Once it is infected, it will automatically slow down the operation of Outlook and may also get corrupt.  

To avoid these problems, organize emails efficiently by creating separate folders and storing them according to the category. Creating a backup is precautionary measure to restore the data back in case of corruption or data loss. In addition, it will recover Outlook contacts, emails, notes, tasks, appointments, RSS feeds, calendar items, etc. It takes a copy of the damaged PST file, extracts all data, and makes a new healthy PST file at repair. If you face PST file corruption without backup then using some PST recovery utility is the only option left for you. Outlook recovery software is one such utility, which offers an effective repair mechanism. Apart from all this, Outlook PST recovery tool enable you to restore deleted items from Outlook in few simple mouse clicks. It provides two options customize the level of scan and output based on the severity of your PST file corruption. You can even obtain the demo version of this software to fix your corrupted PST file. Here is the recommended site which can you can refer http://www.outlookpstrecoverysoftware.com/deleted-items.html to gain complete information.

Steps to repair Outlook 2003 PST Files:

Step 1: Open the software to launch its main screen as shown in figure A. Now, select "Open PST File", if you know the exact location of the damaged PST file, or choose "Find PST File", if you want the software to search for the damaged PST file, or select "Select Outlook Profile", if you are having more than one Outlook profile on your desktop.

How to Retrieve Outlook Data after Header File Corruption - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the corrupt PST file and click "Repair" button to start the repairing process as shown in figure B.

How to Retrieve Outlook Data after Header File Corruption - Select Corrupt PST File

Figure B: Select Corrupt PST File

Step 3: Finally, preview the recovered data in Outlook style interface as shown in figure C.

How to Retrieve Outlook Data after Header File Corruption - Recovered Data

Figure C: Recovered Data